Thursday, July 5, 2012

An image of hope

This is an image that I wanted to share, which I took in December 2009. It shows Pete Seeger and a group of marchers participating in a candlelight march in Beacon, NY in support of the global talks in Copenhagen to arrive at a solution to the crisis of climate change. Although the talks at that time didn't lead to a comprehensive solution to the climate crisis, the momentum for change has been growing. This image is thus an image of hope.

To get more involved with this cause, here is a link to the Climate Crisis Coalition. Here also is the Sierra Club's petition for Clean Energy, NOT a Tar Sands Pipeline

An addition: here as something extra  is a video I took of Pete Seeger at the Beacon Riverfest from July 2009 singing a song - Doubling Down Through the Years - that is very relevant to a discussion of our place in the environment

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